Young Woman’s Pup, That Looks Like A Teddy Bear, Has More Friends Than Her Owner! Can You Guess Why?!

This young woman says that she doesn’t just love her puppy, but she literally adores it! Its name is Tonkey, and believe it or not, her owner started to contemplate what is it that the dog has and she doesn’t, in order to be so much liked by everyone?!

Namely, some time ago, she made Tonkey her own Instagram profile, but with a sole reason, to start making companions for herself.

In other words, she wanted to take advantage that people like her pup so much, and make more friends herself this way! Here’s how she was planning the whole thing:

She’d be posting charming photos of the adorable little canine, and as a result of it, many people will get interested in it, and they’ll start ‘hanging’ out with her!

Be that as it may, it turned out that the girl created a beast, something like Dr. Victor with his monster, which later became known as Frankenstein! And now Frankenstein is so popular, it leaves her inventor in a shadow. 

And just by looking at the picture of Tonkey, it’s really not hard to realize why people like her so much. Wouldn’t you agree?! 

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