10 Photographs That Clearly Show That The World We Live In, Is More Amazing Than It First Seems!

As a result of the everyday problems people have and face in the course of their lives, very often they (we) forget just how beautiful and fascinating our world is, and how much pleasure and joy we could get in the ‘casual’ things.

Actually, the world in which we live is pretty much a real treasure trove of fascinating and amazing things. One just needs to look at it from the right perspective.

Thus, in order to help you do exactly that, today we’ve put together the following collection of photos, shot in various places all around the globe, which truly have the power to astound you.

A bridge over a frozen river

A room in an underwater hotel, Dubai

The glass trail of terror (height: 1,430 metres), China

The cleanest water in the world, Melissani Lake, Greece

The road through Death Valley, USA

A glass swimming pool suspended between two buildings in London

A view of Mount Everest from a plane

The path of death (height: 2,130 metres), China

Moon light reflected off some mountains

The white cliffs of Iturup island, Russia

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