A Photographer Is Capturing Her Own Kids While Spending Idyllic Summers Without Computers!

We know it’s not really the most appropriate time of the year, given the fact that we are in the middle of the snowy and cold winter, but still, the main subject and the point of the following photos goes way beyond the weather temperature…

We have a young mom, who is a professional photographer, who’s been making the arrangement since 2012, when she begun catching her youngsters and their cousins amid the occasions in the wide open, where they ordinarily spend over a month each mid year.

Youngsters arrive at unspoiled characteristic setting to invest energy without a PC, web, or Playstation.so, she’s exceptionally happy that for some time she can feel like in the days of her own youth.

She watches them, regularly take part in amusements or even invent them. So, we could say that mom is quite cheerful… 

The main goal is to teach the kids to appreciate such a happy adolescence as long as possible. Right now, youngsters are 13, 9, 9 and 6 years of age, making the most of their late spring with my two puppies Tosia and Leia, and mutts in the area. 

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