Have A Look At These Shots Of Polar Bears Playing In Fields With Flowers, Captured By A Canadian Photographer! Simply Breathtaking!

A great many people are acquainted with shots of polar bears in the ice and snow of Hudson Bay in Northern Canada and in other polar areas.

And they are so instilled in individuals' psyches that you may think the North encounters happens only in winter…

But Polar bears will play with anything in their surroundings…

This Canadian photographer saw an immense male, holding a few pieces of sod in his titan paws, and bite on them for quite a while just as he delighted in the surface.

On another event, he started roaring with laughter as he watched a casual polar bear kicking up some dust to cull a solitary bloom from a stem of fireweed blooms between his lips!

Truly amazing creatures who are showing that they can also be tender and careful, not just brutally powerful, and funny in the snow!    

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