Cutie & The Beast! An Adorable Little Girl and A Doberman Pooch Are Doing Everything Together, and They’re The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day!

This cutie and her monster are the charming 3-year old Siena and her 2-year old Doberman named "Buddha". The abnormal couple has been picking up ubiquity on online networking through the photographs of their shenanigans.

However, many people consider a Doberman to be a strange friend for the young lady. 

"Dobermans are otherwise called 'fasten canines'. They simply need to be with their one friend. What's more, he has clearly picked my girl. We're truly content with the consideration Buddha is getting. Individuals are perceiving how sweet and smooth they can be."

Little Siena and Buddha are doing everything together. Like playing in the yard…

Or in the house, it doesn’t matter. The two of them do everything together, and they surely look utterly cute and adorable! 

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