Big Brother Is Trying To Take A Nap, But His Little Sister Has Other Ideas For Him! Have A Look At This Cute Scene, It’ll Melt Your Heart!

Remi is just 8-months old, yet she as of now adores investing energy with her enormous sibling, the 3-year old Drew. Be that as it may, it can be a bit hard to have recess when your sibling is sleeping! 

While their mother watches, Remi creeps over to where Drew is sleeping. She touches his arms and afterward jabs at his lips, frequently thinking back to her mom as though to ask what he's doing, why isn't he hopping up to play?

Once in a while Drew moves a tiny bit yet at the same time doesn't get up, befuddling Remi much more. She continues touching his face and arm, most likely needing him to open his eyes and talk with her. He appears to wake up at a certain point – however, just pivots, attempting to nod off once more.

Remi is adorable, but the real star is brother Drew, who gives his baby sister a kiss, even though she has annoyed him when he was trying to have a nap!

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