She Really Hates That Toy-Shark! Watch This French Bulldog’s Reaction When The Owner Shows It To Her! LOL

Our pets have personalities of their own, which means that just like the humans, there are certain things, or types of behavior, that they simply don’t like, and in some cases, even hate…

In the case of Swayze, a cute and handsome 3-year old French Bulldog, one day, as her owner was clearing up her little son’s toys from the bathroom, they both discovered that Swayze hates and even goes absolutely nuts upon seeing a toy shark.

So far, they still hadn’t come up with an answer why is this happening – they’re only sure that they hadn’t let the little doggy watch the “Jaws”! So, they don’t really have an explanation for her behaviour.

But, have a look at the video below, and see her reaction to it! We believe it’ll put a smile on your face.

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