A Retired Marine Practiced Hard So That He & His 15-Year Old Daughter Would Shock The Guests With Their Awesome Birthday Dance!

We usually see fathers and daughters having an official dance, in a presence of numerous guests, when the daughter is getting married. But this time we have a birthday dance, which turned out to be a great surprise for everyone!

And how wouldn’t have been, when Leonardo Cortinas, the retired Marine, and his 15-year old daughter, Jasmine, practised for an entire month, for her special birthday dance routine!?  

They begin the dance slowly and very relaxed, and at some point, it transforms into something that shocked the guests with the mixture of chill-hip-hop medley, lasting almost five minutes, and it transcends into almost all music genres.

But, you better have a look at the video yourselves, and see whether you also agree that it’s one of the most sweet-est, heart-warming, father-daughter dances!?

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