This Pug Simply Adores Going To The “Petsmart”! See How He Loses It, When He Found Out That They’d Arrived At The Pet Store! LOL

Just as we, the humans, start feeling the butterflies buzzing in our stomach, or our adrenaline rush skyrocketing, when we get near something, or somewhere we love and appreciate a lot, it’s pretty much the same with our pets too!

In the case of this lovely and handsome pug, named Captain, he simply loves visiting the Petsmart store, more than anything else in the world!

Thus, his owner decided to film his reaction, while the two of them are driving in the car, and slowly approaching Captain’s favourite place! The moment the little fellow notices the sign with the store's logo on it, he simply loses it.

But he’s also utterly adorable! Just have a look at him…   

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