Thanks To Her Adorable Cheeky Smile, This 2-Year Old Girl With Down Syndrome Have Won A Modelling Contract!

Connie-Rose Seabourne is a 23-month old young lady from the UK with Down disorder, who has constantly gotten remarks from her mom Julie's companions for her wonderful grin.

After they advised her that she ought to have a go at reaching a modelling organization, she did. And now, Connie has two contracts and is turning into a prevalent little model! 

When she told the organizations about her Down's disorder determination, nobody even fluttered an eyelid, says Julie for the  Daily Mail.

She completely adored it. She takes over the direction exceptionally well and she has a great time in front of the cameras.

Connie was conceived two months untimely to folks Julie and Peter and wasn't determined to have Down syndrome until she was two weeks old.

"We have companions whose kids have been determined to have the Down's syndrome, and have had only positive encounters of youngsters with the conclusion. It's simply one more little infant who should be loved."

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