Grandpa Loses His Teeth While Playing “Speak Out”, and Freaks Out His Grandkids & Becomes An Internet Sensation! LOL

A grandfather from Ohio, US, has become a huge internet star after his hilarious attempt at playing the game Speak Out, with his grandkids, who had completely freaked out at first. But I guess that’s the price of the fame!

Speak Out is a popular game where people try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece. It's not as easy as it sounds. Just ask Don Briggs, also known as Poppy to his family.

Briggs was spending Christmas with his family when his granddaughter, Amy Metcalf Taylor, busted out Speak Out for the children to play.

But,. It’ll be much better if you see the whole scene yourselves, rather than hearing it from us, right? Therefore, have a look at the video, and have a few good laughs! 

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