This 17-Year Old Syrian Refugee Carried His Husky Pup For 500km…

His name is Aslan, and he is a 17-year old Syrian exile, who fled to the Greek island of Lesbos. But he didn't finish the 500km travel alone – he had his little Husky puppy named Rose with him.

In a meeting with the UN's Refugee Agency taped in Lesbos, Aslan, in broken English, clarifies his association with the doggy: 'I adore this puppy. I really need her”

Besides his knapsack, he additionally has a transporter for Rose, and even made her a visa! 

Given the numerous dull and sad occasions that has left the Syrian evacuee emergency, it's decent to see a story loaded with trust and empathy. We wish Aslan and Rose a safe trip.

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