They’ve Got Trapped In An Elevator. What She Did Left Me Speechless!

Today we have prepared a short film that is carrying a very powerful lesson, and I really think that you should all see it and share it with many of your friends…

It starts with a young man getting into an elevator, together with a Muslim woman who is cloaked in a hijab, which obviously makes him feel pretty uneasy. And very soon, the elevator is getting stuck and the both of them are trapped and forced to wait out the ride.   

But that is not the point where things stop to happen. Trying to get out of it, the man gets pretty nasty wound, and he is looking in disbelief, when the Muslim woman comes to his aid in a pretty amazing and unusual way.

We love videos like this one, which are carrying a powerful message, challenging the stereotypical ways we are thinking. So just check it out and see it for yourself.

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