An Adorable Little Girl Is Completely Devastated When Daddy Told Her She Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend!

When dads and little daughters have an argument or a disagreement over an interesting and intriguing subject, it could turn into an utterly cute scene that simply cannot leave anyone indifferent!

Here we have one such case, when a dad from Alabama got into an argument with his cute little girl, about dating a little earlier than expected. 

Chelsea Kirkland filmed the cute video of her husband arguing with their 2-year old daughter, Kennedy, about her so called boyfriend.

Kennedy insisted that she had a boyfriend named Jared, but her dad said that wasn’t the case. The little girl burst into tears, wailing, “Daddy said I don’t have a boyfriend.”

According to the family, Jared is Kennedy’s uncle’s roommate. But, you better watch the adorable argument below yourselves.

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