Here’s Something That’ll Put A Huge Smile On Your Face! Parents Are Recreating Their Daughter’s Selfies With Her Boyfriend! LOL

We are not really sure whether the reason for the parents to imitate their children on the social networks is part of their parental care, or if they’re actually doing it top promote themselves, but one thing’s for sure! Each day, we get to see more of these! 

At the point when Emily Musson began posting selfies, taken with her boyfriend on Facebook, she thought little of how trolly her guardians could become.

Presently, their funny versions of their little girl's selfies have turned into a web sensation – much to her dismay. 

Once the photographs became a web sensation, Musson's reaction was not exactly energetic.

My parents are really on medications or something”, she tweeted. “I mean, I get it's interesting, yet not for 30k favs”.'

It seems that of the best things about parenthood is the chance to embarrass your own children, and hope that they’ll take a lesson out of it. Unless, as abovementioned, the motivation behind it is of a completely different nature.

And in this day of age, something like that wouldn’t surprise us!  

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