Mom Gets The Cute Doggy’s Attention & The Twins Can’t Stop Giggling As They Watch Him Jump! Totally Adorable…

We can’t even begin to count how many totally adorable clips we had seen and shared with you, that are featuring little children and beautiful, kind-hearted dogs, that really know how to behave with kids, and make our hearts melt.

The following clip is not different either! We have two beautiful twin babies with their beloved Pomeranian pup in a play pool, and mom, who’s making sure that she entertains the little pooch.

The little four-legged friend keeps on jumping and waving his tail, which makes the little babies giggle their little hearts out. And it’s the most adorable sound a person could ever hear!

Just check out the video, and listen for yourselves!  

Source: Twin babies can't stop giggling at Pomeranian by AFV on Rumble

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