Have A Look At This Stunningly Beautiful Moon Light Lamp, That Can Lighten Up Your Home! It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!

Who wouldn’t want to have a small version of the moon inside his home, to lighten up his own home during the nights? If you also feel this way, then we believe that you’ll agree that this Luna the Moon light is the next best thing.

This glass fiber ball covered in non-lethal latex has an aesthetic (as opposed to sensible) representation of the Moon's surface.

It comes in sizes as little as 8.2 cm/3.2 inch and as expansive as 58.4 cm/24.3 inch XXL. The task is facilitated on Indie GoGo, where it is 200% subsidized with a considerable measure of time to go. 

Luna is made by Acorn Studio, an inside outline studio out of New Taipei City, Taiwan. This is what is written on the Luna's IndieGoGo page:

"It's the configuration stylistic theme that transforms your space into an enchanted world. The light helps up your most loved reading or sitting corner. You choose what Luna is, and how you need to make your life prettier with it".

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