Here’s Something We Didn’t Know! What Do You Think Happens If You Shake A Soda Can, and The Open It, While You’re On The Ocean Floor?!

Here’s a scenario, that’s well known to most of us. You’re very thirsty, so you grab the soda can from the beg you’ve just brought from the store and open it right away, without considering that you’ve shaken it, while you were carrying it!

And what follows is a small explosion, and getting yourself (and possible the ones standing nearby) completely wet! But what do you think would happen if you do the same thing while you’re on the ocean floor?!  

Well, 99+% of us have never been in such a situation, but we’re aware that the conditions aren’t the same! So, check out the video, and see what happens after a guy shakes soda can, and opens it right afterward! 

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