What An Inspiration! She’s 61 and A Grandmother, But Her Beauty Is Still Magnificent, So She Keeps On Working As A Model!

If they don’t make until they turn 20, most girls stop even contemplating the idea of becoming (being) models. So, if a woman follows this logic, what’s there to be said if she turns 60?!

I guess we all know the answer to that question. But Yasmina Rossi is not yet another typical elderly woman, who’s following the footsteps of the others.

Although she’s 61, Yasmina is a style model, and an effective one as well. She’s meeting the expectations with various universal brands like Marks & Spencer, Hermes and Macy's.

She was born in France in 1955 and was raised on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. And I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise if we tell you that so many people want to know how she's kept up her generally young looks and great wellbeing. Here’s what she has to say about it:

There is no secret. All I have ever done is eating natural sustenance, much sooner than it got to be stylish. I take oil and utilize it on my skin: I put rapeseed oil on my hair as well, and I clean my skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar. Also, I eat avocado once a day and natural meat and fish”.

Besides being a model, Rossi is also a photo enthusiast and a propelled ceramist. But most of it, and above all, she’s a wonderful person who knows how to enjoy the good things in life.

These pictures speak more than enough about it, wouldn’t you say so?!

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