See What The World’s Most Agile Dogs Look Like In Super Slow Motion & 4K, At The Incredible Dog Challenge! Amazing!

Many dog owners love to show off how smart and agile their dogs are, in various categories and competitions. The Incredible Dog Challenge is said to be the premier dog agility event in USA, and this was last year’s promo video, is absolutely stunning!  

Thanks to the use of Red Dragon, Phantom Flex, and a crew of skilful professionals, Devin Graham made one of those MUST SEE clips, for all dog lovers.

And being perfectly aware that many of you are big time dog aficionados, although the video is a year old, we thought that it’d be a shame not to share this wonderful clip with you, and give you a chance to see some of the most agile dogs in the US, displaying their impressive qualities!

So, check it out and enjoy the following 3+ minutes. 

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