Here’s One More Reason To Prove Why Americans Are A Superior Nation! A Pig Calling Contest! LOL

As much as we really don’t want to use sarcasm and irony, sometimes we simply cannot help it, given the fact how often we hear the Americans saying (one way or another) that they’re a superior nation, way above the others!

And on the other hand, there are really certain things that cannot be found in any other place, country, and even a continent, except in the good old USA.

One of them would be the following Pig Calling Contest. I mean, people all over the world are raising pigs, but we’ve never heard of any other place that organizes a contest where the pig farmers are showing off with the way they call their piggies (whatever that means).

Check it out, it’s really ‘something special’! But we’ve got to warn you, pay attention to the volume of your speakers, ‘cause some of these pig lovers get really carried away with the character they’re playing!     

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