How About This?! 103-Year Old Wonder Woman Celebrates Birthday, Volunteering At The Senior Center!

If someone decides to look for a real-life Wonder Woman, Mary Cotter would be the person! This 103 year old lady has recently celebrated her birthday at the SeniorCenter in California, where she's been volunteering the last 25 years.  

Cotter's companions purchased her the ensemble, and the occupants lovingly call her their 'barmaid', in light of the fact that she serves them tea, espresso, and water. 

What's the key to carrying on with a long life?! ”I simply keep myself occupied", says Mrs Cotter for the ABC news.

In 1930 Cotter helped her secondary school win the state swim title, she was a youngsters' swim teacher until her early 60s, and afterward, she continued her activities by helping rescue the sea turtles. An activity she kept on doing in her 90s.

What a genuine Wonder Woman! 

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