A Totally Wasted Guy, Ended Up In A Supermarket, and Actually Tried To Start A Fight With Himself, While Passing By The Mirror! LOL

Each and every one of us had seen numerous drunk individuals, doing stupid and totally irrational things, while they’re under the influence of the alcohol. But this Russian guy is amongst the Top 10, Sweet 16…call it what you want!

We have no idea how he ended up at the supermarket, but the fact is that he obviously got himself totally drunk before he went to buy some groceries, and while he was going from one place to another, inside the store, he passed by the mirror, which he mistook it for a passage, and though he could pass through it, only if there wasn’t for this other guy, who was deliberately standing on his way! 

Take a look at the video folks, and have a few good laughs at the expense of this drunk Russian! 

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