This Couple Decided To Document Their Dog's Growth In A Period Of 8 Months, And The Result Is Awesome!

Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis didn't really believe that their German shepherd could develop so rapidly. I guess that like many other people when they get a pup, they want it to stay a little fur ball as long as possible!

So, the Australian couple began to archive Nasra's development at eight weeks and presented the entire arrangement on Reddit after eight months. Dennison and Lewis portrayed the good 'ol days with Nasra in an online meeting. 

"When she was more youthful, individuals would stop us on the road and let us know how dazzling she is," the couple told the Daily Mail. “They were continually remarking on her size, they'd say, Take a gander at those paws, or her head, she will be so enormous, and we'd dismiss it, yet they were correct.”

From 8 weeks

And after 8 months

Time lapse 

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